Yearly Club Projects and Activities

    1. Club Foundation Grant Program
    2. Holly Arts Festival Booth
    3. Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast
    4. Annual Ethics and Values Award Dinner
    5. Sandhills Community College Scholarship
    6. Rotary Youth Leadership Camp Sponsor
    7. Middle School Dictionary Program
    8. Pinehurst Road Beautification Project
    9. Volunteers, Red Cross Blood Drives
    10. Sponsor Moore County Literacy
    11. District Rotary Golf Tournament
    12. “Polio Plus”
    13. “Happy Feet”
    14. Family Activities:
      • Rotary District Football Outing
      • Durham Bulls Baseball Outing
      • Annual Christmas Party
    15. International Projects
      • Jamaican Medical Equipment
      • “Adopt a Child”

    Click here for Pinehurst Rotary annual calendar

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